A home for mixed mediums, experimentation with photography, writing, case studies, and things I like. Welcome to my version of a blog.

A blog, or something like that.

This is new for me. Sharing experimental work, my thoughts, writing, and various mixed mediums is the whole point of this thing and not something I'm even remotely used to. The inspiration for this has been all of over the place, but a few specific folks have helped me lean in and embrace this new approach to creating. I couldn't be more thankful for them being there to push me to be better. 

My hope is that processing creating through this platform will help normalize failure and also give permission to try something new, regardless of the outcome. In true millennial form, I'm always moved by inspirational Ted Talks. One that helped inform my decision to help experiment more in this way is this one. Stuart Brown talks about how play helps us process life better through experimentation. Adults don't do enough of that, and I am certainly in that lame adult camp as well. I'm excited to simply start and be able to look back at this day, knowing that it was the catalyst for one of the most creatively eye-opening seasons in my life. 

So, cheers to new things, trying for the sake of trying, and improvement. 

Tyler Phenes