Tyler Phenes

Josh Frerichs


Joshua Frerichs - Visual Rebrand

Shoot Goal - capture the following: Headshot, Creative Action Shots, Blurred-out photos for marketing & website use


Outfit choice

  • Black jeans, t-shirt (neutral color or straight black), button-up, and blazer to change it up

  • Look cool and professional, untraditional look

  • Communicate comfort & trustworthiness

Vibe & visual aethestic

  • Clean and communicates Josh as a trustworthy artist and creator

  • Intentional white space for added copy if necessary

Shoot Plan

April 3rd, 3 locations

  • Photo studio for headshot, full body shot, and fun movement shots

  • Music studio for details shots (hands on keyboard, working on computer, etc.)

  • Downtown (or Golf Park Coffee) for lifestyle images (working at computer)



  • Make sure you have your outfit picked out / purchased (send me a photo of yourself in the outfit for approval)

  • Locations + times are secured at Thomas Road (the photo studio and music studio mainly), I can take care of chatting with Golf Park if that’s cool with you