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Twin Creeks Mug Club

Twin Creeks Brewing

‘Creeks Club’


Perks of the creeks club!

  • One free pour when you sign up - 20oz of any beer you want

  • Official Yearly Mug Club T-shirt

  • 4oz upgrades on all beers (this is cool, trust us)!

  • Free beer on your birthday

  • You keep the glass at the end of the year

  • You’ll be 1 of 50, you should feel special

  • Invitation to two yearly Creeks Club events (this will include beer releases, too)


Other Styles of Mug Club Programs to Consider

Mug Club Challenge – With this option, the brewery lists 100-150 beers and challenges customers to sample them over an extended period. This is a great choice for establishments that feature a menu with a wide range of selections like ales, lagers, IPA’s, stouts, etc.

Pro tip: Try to reward members along the way to incentivize them to stick with the challenge. After the 10th beer, consider offering a branded keychain or bottle opener. If your brewery has a kitchen, give them a free appetizer or burger with the 50th beer (or whichever you choose). Just make sure you keep prizes in the $5-$10 range. For more on best practices and Mug Club hosting solutions, check out this site.

Fee-Based Membership – This is strictly a cash and reward program. The customer pays a one-time membership fee that covers the cost of a custom mug, and earns them special discounts, promotions, and exclusive invites to Mug Club events. This is likely the least intensive of the three options, and works well as an introduction to the Mug Club program.

Loyalty Program (Punch Card) – This structure is as simple as it sounds. Each time a customer drinks a beer, you punch their card. After they reach a certain number, they’re rewarded with a prize of some sort. Similar to the Mug Club Challenge, you can provide swag like hats, t-shirts, and more. Don’t have a wide variety of beers? The Loyalty Program could be best for you.



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